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Personal Injury Attorneys

How to Find the Right Washington State Personal Injury Attorney

If you currently live in Washington State and are looking for a personal injury attorney for your current personal injury case, you should consider a few of important things before you make the final decision to select an attorney and take your case to court.

The first thing you must consider is whether or not someone else is really at fault–and if so, how much you can realistically expect to get for your personal injury case. You can determine this by setting up a free consultation session with two or more attorneys. Get a relative estimate on your potential winnings from all attorneys. Expect that you will get around three-fourths of the lowest estimate.

Once you have a rough estimate, you will know whether or not it is worth bringing the case to court. If, in your situation, it is worth bringing your case to court, you should next seek out the best attorney for your specific case and circumstances. If you don’t have a lot of money, but know that your personal injury case is serious enough to result in a significant settlement, then you should look for a Washington state personal injury attorneys who will take your case without charging you unless you win.

You should create a list of all Washington state personal injury attorneys who meet this criterion. Additionally, you will want to check on the specialty of every attorney on your list. If you have a “slip and fall” case, then you probably should avoid attorneys who specialize in car accidents; and vice versa if you have been in a car accident.

By the end of this exercise, you should have a short list of attorneys who are highly-qualified for your specific type of personal injury case. Start by contacting the first attorney on the list and scheduling a free consultation session. Continue to repeat this process until you have talked to all attorneys on your list and have selected the one you believe will represent your case best.


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